EPS Energy has teamed up with industry specialists to provide a turnkey renewable energy solution to high energy users in the commercial and industrial sector.


Partnership with EPS Energy unlocks a lower cost route for Australian businesses to invest in solar PV, lock in long term electricity savings and reduce their reliance on grid purchased electricity.


We consider the development of small scale ground mounted solar to be of particular benefit to C&I users where low value land is available or roof space is limited.

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Presentation for Regional Large Energy Users

EPS Energy hosted a presentation for regional large energy users at 3pm on 6th July 2017 at the Griffith Regional Theatre. The purpose of the presentation was to inform large energy users about opportunities in relation to industrial scale solar.

The focus was on organisations who use more than 2,000 MWh of daytime electricity to show how solar can offset the majority of their day time consumption. Using commercial scale technology, regional large energy users can take advantage of land availability to install ground mounted solar farms suited to their onsite demand.

The presentation also outlined the progress of battery storage technology and how battery storage technology can be utilised to reduce electricity bills.

EPS Energy presented a solar solution which provides a fully turnkey solution with all skills available in house.

Future presentations will be held in other regional areas shortly. To express interest in a future event near you, register your contact details in the below form.

Organisations that may be interested in the event include those that:

  • use more than 2,000 MWh of day time electricity per year;

  • want to reduce electricity expenditure and invest in a long term revenue generating asset or explore options which have a zero-capital outlay;

  • want to learn about developments in battery storage technology for industrial users; and

  • need a turn key option bringing together expertise in planning, design, legal and environmental outcomes under one banner.


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