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EPS Energy is experienced in all facets of solar, wind, storage and hydrogen project delivery. From providing individual specialist service lines through to offering a total project delivery service EPS Energy’s experience extends from strategically identifying and securing sites all the way through to completion of development.

A key challenge developing new projects involves understanding where and how to effectively develop in the current and changing market. EPS Energy has broad knowledge, skills and industry/government relationships that are vital to the success of renewable energy projects. EPS Energy understands the relevant processes and procedures, with whom to establish key relationships and when to do all of the things that need to be done.

EPS Energy prides itself on efficiently moving from the right task to the next right task, keeping to the vision, within budget, communicating, maintaining quality and finishing to deadline. 

EPS Energy has demonstrable experience with the identification, development and successful delivery of projects on time and within agreed budgets. We lead dealings with Commonwealth, State and Local Governments across multiple agencies. We lead grid connection works with Transmission and Distribution network service providers. We engage directly with landowners, consultants and the community. Such an integrated approach gives our clients a single point of communication and responsibility reducing internal resource requirements.

‘Australia is the sunniest country in the world and one of the windiest; it has enough renewable energy resources to power the country 500 times over.’

Project  Development  Stages 


Site  Appraisal  and  Access Agreements

  • Identification and procurement of the site;

  • Solar insolation and yield analysis; and

  • Formalise initial grid connection enquiries.


Permits,  Licences  and Authorisations

  • Site design;

  • Environmental Impact Statement and planning approval; and

  • Detailed connection enquiry.


Post - Approval
and  Design

  • Detailed design and management of pre-construction works;

  • Formal grid connection;

  • Engineering Procurement and Construction; and

  • Power Purchase Agreements or merchant.


Financial  Close

  • Financial close occurs when all the project and financing agreements have been signed and all the required conditions contained in them have been met.


EPC  Management  and Commissioning 

  • ​Engineering Procurement and Construction Contractor builds project and commissions project then hands over to project owner.



  • Operations and Maintenance Contractor operates project on behalf of owners.

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